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Awful Library Books is a blog where Michigan public librarians Mary and Holly discuss outdated books that are getting pulled from the library shelves. One of their picks is Macrame…

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By Diane Gilleland
(Image by juhansonin, via Flickr)

The longer you blog, the more your blog will subtly change. And this is a good thing - after all, you’re always…


I’m completely enamored by Tom Falconer’s gorgeous bubble photography, and he was nice enough to share his tips and tricks with us. Tom is a Tahoe resident, so he’s blessed by…


Derek and Lauren on Design Sponge have a nifty tutorial on how to make a 9-hole button using oven bake clay. I love changing out buttons on my old clothes to give them a fresher look….


Love this great upcycle project from our friends over at RePlayGround. This room divider is made up of more than one thousand plastic film canisters.

The canisters are strung…