Tumbly CRAFT!

If you long for design inspiration and have an iPad, pick up this new app called DesignScene. (Watch the video trailer on the homepage.) It’s a real-time inspiration app that is…

This week in the CRAFT Flickr pool we saw:

Shoe Improvement by elaposata,


Ham Solo in Candybaronite by booturtle,


and Around the Horn by Peggy Dembicer.

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In this CRAFT Video, Meg Allan Cole shows you how to make a pretty dreamcatcher for our pal Corinne Leigh’s special birthday.

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For all of you craft fair vendors out there, Meylah posted this article from Lucy Clasen about keeping your handmade goods safe during events. There are some good, basic things to…


Wowie, I love the creative touches of this Dexter-themed dining room by Amy Lau, from the sawed-off and sharpened cutlery to the plastic sheeting on the floor. [via who…